Mavericks Interactive Exhibit

The Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, 2005 was a project developed by the Glenbow Museum for the Alberta centennial and included partners from the University of Calgary and the Calgary Board of Education.

My job was to develop a structure for the content that was appropriate for students from grades 4 to 7 and for a general audience. The content was to be presented online using a template-based presentation tool being developed by the University of Calgary and its partners.

The strategy adopted was to develop scenarios based on curriculum requirements for grades 4 to 7. Focus groups with teachers versed in inquiry-based learning were used to help develop the scenarios. Three main paths through the content were identified: by category, by timeline, and by geographic locations.

A concept mapping program was used interactively with the design team to develop content flow and structure. Wireframes were used to determine appropriate functionality at each node of the content map. Content was later mapped into the wireframes.

Team membership included representatives from the Calgary Board of Education, the Glenbow Museum and the University of Calgary development team.