My Research


IPE Research Team and ParticipantsMy research interests encompass two primary areas: Learning and teaching environments and Interprofessional Healthcare Education as a team-building tool.

  1. Learning & Teaching Environments

Teaching and learning takes place in many different contexts and can be fully synchronous, fully asynchronous, or somewhere in between. Teaching and learning environments need to take into account context, population, authenticity, and accessibility. Each environment provides affordances for learning and for teaching, recognizing and taking advantage of these affordances can be key to innovative use of any particular environment. This is really a return to my roots in Computer-Supported Cooperative Workspaces and Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning in my masters work.

  1. Interprofessional Healthcare Education (IPE) as a team-building tool

Interprofessional Healthcare Education is an educational strategy that involves team building and collaboration between and amongst teams of health-care providers (e.g., doctors, nurses, allied health care professionals). A constructivist approach using guided inquiry (scenarios) has been identified as the best likely pedagogical strategy for successful implementation of IPE. I have begun to incorporate the concept of IPE into team-building and overall team effectiveness.